My beautiful I take your hand, and we walk through the garden of life, may I be ever open to seeing the world through your eyes...full of innocent wonder, delight and joy. As you take my hand, and we walk through the garden of life, may you be ever open to seeing the world through my eyes...full of gratitude, wisdom and peace. May we be blessed on our 'ramblings' together. Love, Nana

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sister's & Nana's Together Forever!

I have a sister.  We both have amazing daughters.  They each have a beautiful little son.  Our grandsons!  My sister and I...we are Nana's together, and sisters forever!

There's almost five years between us, me being the eldest.  We grew up with many similar influences in our lives, but also some very different ones.
I don't have many memories of my sister's arrival into this world.  'Back then' we didn't know, and we weren't told where babies came from.  They just showed up out of nowhere (though yet another five years later when my brother was born, we were told where he came from - he showed up in the midwife's blue bag!)

We weren't taught how to love each other.  We weren't shown how to care for each other.  It wasn't explained to us that we should treasure each other.  It's not anyone's fault.  It's just the way it was. It was the times.  It was a common belief that siblings naturally fought and argued with each other.  I think the grownups figured it was something kids just outgrew as they got older.  And in some ways they were right. 

As we grew up and moved through our lives...the loves, the relationships, the friends, and the kids...we did figure it out.   How to love, how to care and how to treasure each other.

My beautiful niece gave birth to her little son almost four years ago.  My beautiful daughter gave birth to her little son three months later.  My sister and I are Nana's to two adorable little boys!  The little love of my life calls my sister 'Nana Carol' and the little love of my sister's life calls me 'Nana Mari'.  All along we both thought we'd like 'our boys' to be girls...we thought about all the wisdom and power we would pass along to them.  Stuff we'd figured out from our own life experiences.  But we were both graced with little grandsons.  They will learn of our wisdom and power just the same, and grow to be amazing men. 

Emmet & Aidan
How blessed we are to have our little grandsons to love and cherish.  How blessed we are to have our beautiful, strong daughters.  How blessed we are to have each other! 

My sister is my best friend.  She is my confidant and advisor.  She is there for me always.  She raises me up.  She makes me laugh (so much!)  She listens to me rant and scream if I need to.  She is thoughtful and kind and generous.  She is indeed the wind beneath my wings.  I love her muchly.  I care for her deeply.  I treasure her presence in my life every day. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I See the Moon...the Moon Sees Me!

I was happy to discover this evening, that I live in a town with many other 'crazy' people, just like me!

Braving the cold night air, husband in tow, coffee in hand, we strolled along the boardwalk awaiting this evenings 'moonrise'.  Tonight had been hailed in the local media as the night of the 'mega-moon' - that being when Mother Moon is closer to earth than usual...the last time this happened being eighteen years ago!  Higher tides and coastal flooding will occur, so say the media!

But for now, that is all forgotten as I sit on one of the huge boulders that border the lake edge.  Huddled together for warmth, the sounds of Canada Geese, and gently crashing waves in the background, while on the horizon the 'star' attraction slowly rises up out of the lake.  A huge, beautiful, luminous, golden ball of light!  A full moon.

I See the Moon...the Moon Sees Me!
I give thanks for the gift of time standing (almost) still, in awe of the beauty unfolding before me.  For just a little while, I forget about the bitter cold wind blowing around me.  Forget about all the upheaval and troubles going on in the world...and sing "I See the Moon...the Moon Sees Me!"

It was the first lullaby I sang to Aidan the day (well...that night!) he was born, cradled snug in my arms, just him and me, as his Momma slept.  He loves it still.  And on nights when he leaves to go home to bed, and the moon is up in the sky, as I carry him to the car, Nana has to sing...

I See the Moon...the Moon Sees Me
Under the shade of the old oak tree
Please bless the light that shines on me
Shine on the one I love

Goodnight Moon!  Goodnight Aidan!  Goodnight Nana!

Alas, the little love of my life was unable to attend the beach gathering this evening.  There were other social obligations...and anyway, it was just too cold!  So I sang for him, wherever he was.

Returning to the car, feeling quite like a popsicle, low and behold I discovered dozens of other 'crazy' people walking the beach, cameras and tripods in tow, enjoying this evenings celestial gift!

Many months ago I discovered the original recording of this lullaby.  Sounding distinctly 'un-lullaby-ish', and indeed sung by some other 'crazy' people, it is, nevertheless, very funny!  Enjoy!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top o' the Mornin'

A Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, my little grandson!  My Irish wish for you today:

May flowers always line your path,
and sunshine light your day.
May songbirds serenade you,
every step along the way.
May a rainbow run beside you,
in a sky that's always blue.
And may happiness fill your heart,
each day, your whole life through.

It's a great day for the Irish!
It was my English Nana who was such a presence in my childhood, yet I did have another 'Nana'.  My mother's mother.  My Irish 'granny'.  I may have grown up in England, but my happiest memories are of the times I spent in Ireland.  For each of my six week long summer holidays my parents would send me to Ireland to stay with my grandparents and visit my family.  Ahhhh...the warm baps my 'Granda' would fetch home from the bakery every morning.  Lathered in Irish butter, they were all I wanted for breakfast.  And my Granny's soups...served with a heaping bowl of boiled potatoes.  And oh...the hot, sweet tea!  Auntie's and Uncle's and cousins galore, who opened their hearts and homes to me.  Such wonderful memories!  

I want Aidan to know of his Irish family.  They are in his blood, and in my heart.  For now...I sing to him the songs of Ireland.  Just the happy ones!  (Yes, there are a few!)  His favourite song is called "Paddy McGinty"...

Paddy McGinty had a rubber doll!
He washed it and dried it...
and then he let it fall!
He sent for the doctor,
but the doctor wouldn't come...
because he had a pimple
on his wee bare bum!

Indeed, the words are not very upliftin' but they come with a lovely wee tune...and the feminist in me loves that wee Paddy would even have a doll at all, rubber or otherwise...and I'm hopin' and prayin' he didn't drop it on purpose...and I'm still trying to figure out who it is has the pimple on their wee bare bum...Paddy? the rubber doll? or the doctor?

Top o' the Mornin'
All this thinkin' calls for a we drop of Guinness (or two..or three!)  Cheers!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Living in the Moment!

I love being a Nana!  It brings out the crazy in me!  Not that that was ever very hard to do.  I just have a good excuse now.

Went to Starbucks today, beautiful daughter and little Aidan tagging along.  Had his usual...peach juice and chocolate chip cookie.  Thought we should all 'go potty' before heading home.  And there in the washroom, while his momma went potty, Aidan and I did waltz...cheek to cheek...a slow dance.  Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, sung by kd lang.  Arms outstretched, I sang the words quietly in his ear.  And I didn't give a darn who might walk into the washroom, or what they might think!

My daughter comes out of the stall and rolls her eyes..."Oh mummy, you're sooo crazy!"  I know honey.  And I hope you get to 'do crazy' someday too!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday!  I get to make a wish, don't I?  I wish...that Aidan and I have many days together.  I want to watch him grow.  I want to see him read and learn.  Explore.  Question.  Love and respect nature.  I want him to have wonderful memories of our times together.  I want to give him that.

But I have to do my part.  And I am trying, at least.  I went to the gym this morning.  I'm eating better.  I'm feeling strong and have more energy.  I'm gonna need it for the years ahead! 

My Nana lived to be 96 years old.  I was 49 when she passed away.  I have a lifetime of memories to look back on.  I wish that for Aidan.  That is my birthday wish.  Now...I have a few candles to blow out!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's a Garbage Truck, Nana!

Phoned my beautiful daughter this morning, (as I do every morning), just to check in.  The little love of my life answers, yelling excitedly into the phone "It's a garbage truck, Nana!"

He is 'garbage truck' mad!  No other way to describe it!  The best day of his week is garbage day, when he can watch all the garbage trucks going past the house.  He waits at the door for them.  All the drivers know him and wave to him.  His favourite video to watch is all about garbage trucks!  I have no idea where this obsession comes from, but at the moment, and for now, life is all about garbage trucks!

My cousins visited from Ireland last summer, and they wanted to get Aidan a wee gift while they were here, rather than carry one over in their luggage.  So, off to Toys R Us we go.  And guess what we found?  Yep!  A garbage truck!  Life just hasn't been the same...he loves it!  We've bought him other trucks... a fire truck, construction trucks.  He thinks they're pretty good too, but his little heart belongs to his garbage truck!  What a funny little boy!