My beautiful I take your hand, and we walk through the garden of life, may I be ever open to seeing the world through your eyes...full of innocent wonder, delight and joy. As you take my hand, and we walk through the garden of life, may you be ever open to seeing the world through my eyes...full of gratitude, wisdom and peace. May we be blessed on our 'ramblings' together. Love, Nana

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Nana's Nana

It was 50 years today that I, along with my family...parents, sister and brother, set sail for a new life in Canada.  I was 12 years old.

I remember the day so clearly still.  I remember having to say good-bye to my Nana.  I still have the hankie she shoved into my hand to wipe away the tears.

Nana & Nana's Nana 1953

 It was very difficult for me to adjust to a new life in Canada, though over the years I have grown to love my new country, and wouldn't leave it for the world.

Nana & Great-great  Nana 1970

 All the highs and lows of my life have been lived here.  I do sometimes wonder how my life would have played out had we stayed in England.  Who knows.

Nana & Nana's Nana 1975 

 I have 'crossed the pond' many, many times to visit family and friends.  I have wonderful memories of growing up in Liverpool, and still keep in touch with friends from my younger days.

The Two Nana's 1992
  I tell myself, had I not come to Canada I wouldn't have my little Aidan.  I can't imagine that. 

I used to feel sad every time the anniversary of this date rolled around, up until eight years ago, when the little love of my life was born.  For the first time, I wondered and imagined how my nana must have felt saying goodbye to her family that day.  She must have been heartbroken.  I was the light of her life, and now I was leaving to go live in another country far, far away.  That sad feeling turned to tears thinking about how sad my Nana must have been that day.  It still makes me cry.  But I have my hankie.

I made myself a promise back then that I would never, ever let my little Aidan leave to live somewhere else.  I would have to follow.  To the ends of the earth.  You are stuck with this nana, munchkin.  I'll never leave you.
 There is a happy ending.  Twenty years later, after I had grown up, married, gave birth to my beautiful daughter, nana left behind her life in England and came to live in Canada.

She was here when I married again...

Nana's Wedding 1980
...and when her beautiful great-granddaughter married...
 The years that followed were spend making up for lost time!  I was grateful, honoured and blessed to have her living in my home, with my family, where we took care of her for the last seven years of her life.

Miss you, nana.  Love you, my beautiful boy!